Thursday, 14 December 2017

At 1.00 In The Afternoon Sharp,

the Index team called round,

 and started unloading the wardrobe and chest of drawers,

 the pieces started to pile up, 

 with more coming in all of the time,

 lastly the mirrored doors,

 then work began,

 and in no time the chest of drawers was finished,

 so now 2 people on the wardrobe,

 lastly the doors,

 were put in place,

 it took about 2 hours to complete the build, it would have taken me a lot longer! and how professional, all of the packaging was collected and taken back to base,

 and here they are, the wardrobe,

 and chest of drawers,

 in the evening we were out, so it was glad rags on,

 for a meal, I like the interior of the Grab taxi, so much nicer than a plain cream headlining, 

 we stopped at the Central Festival on Second Road,

  and walked over the road to the Rajputana Indian restaurant,

 for starters we chose chicken samosa each,

 'Cheers!' just a small thing if you visit here wear warm clothes, the air conditioning is set to very cold,

 and we shared a prawn puri,

 which is as far as we are concerned is the most delicious prawn puri we have ever had,

 one of the waiters offered to take our picture, which was nice,

 after a suitable break we ordered our main course, chicken kebabs,

 some nan bread,

 King prawn makhani,

 chicken tikka masala,

 chicken dopyaja,

 butter chicken,

and peas pulao rice,

 a feast! we did in fact order way too much, but we wanted to take some away, I mentioned before the restaurant was super cold, which of course meant that the plates were as well, so I asked one of the owners if he spoke English, which he did, and asked if the restaurant had any warm plates, saying that when we put the food on the plates it almost instantly became cold, he replied the restaurant did not have any warm plates, but helpfully he had a solution, he reached across the table and grabbed 2 or 3 table paper napkins and said, 'put these on your plate and put the food on top of them' now why did I not think of this? of course it meant that we lost a lot, if not all of the sauce, as the paper napkins soaked it all up, and of course it was difficult not to get a mouth full of paper napkin, but what a brilliant idea to get over eating what was soon to be stone cold food! and to round the evening off we were given a totally unexpected 10% discount, the meal came to 2,626 baht with enough left over for another evening, win, win all round!

 after the meal Diana wanted to go window shopping in Central Festival, so I stayed outside,

listening to the group, 

 and taking a few pictures,  

of some,

of the,
overly made up,

 super models,

in the shop window, after her window shopping we grabbed a taxi and made our way home, where I had a nightcap and we were soon off to bed.

What Am I Looking At?

was my first thought,

 when I saw these swirls of color,

 the pictures reminded me of mixing metallic paint,

 where the colour had sunk to the bottom of the can,

 and such nice colours,

 then I realised, I was looking at a paperweight,

 but I was not, it was much bigger, 

imagine putting 11 full sized planet earths side by side, that is how big Jupiter is, the pictures are of Jupiter, this series of close-up photographs was taken by Juno within the last year, and is a dazzling diverse display of the planet’s gaseous composition. Swirling blue and brown clouds appear like impressionist paint strokes across Jupiter’s atmospheric surface, a spectacle which is constantly shifting into new optically charged formations, You can see more images taken with Juno’s high-tech cameras on NASA’s website, amazing, absolutely amazing.

I Never Normally Think,

of BMW motorcycles as cafe racers,

 but the guys at Germany’s Walzwerk Racing did, and here it is, 

 ‘everybody knows that we are not committed to any particular motorcycle brand’, says Waltzwerk Racing’s Marcus Walz, ‘But in 2017, we’ve built over twenty of our Schizzo Beemers, which makes it a bestseller for us. Many people have asked us why we don’t built something similar, but based on a R nineT, so what we did is to develop a modern interpretation using a R nineT as a base’

 the donor bike was a 2016 BMW R nineT, “Like on all of our performance bike builds, we always try to improve their stats. So in this case, the first thing was to take off some weight by using lighter parts. Next came the suspension. In this case, we used a Wilbers monoshock and their progressive fork upgrade kit.” While they were at it, the front end was lowered by about 15mm to give it a more aggressive stance and to bring some weight bias onto the front rubber,

“We also upgraded the brakes with some Braking wave rotors and racing pads. A Power Commander was used to create a unique map, helping the new SC-Project exhaust system and the K&N filters pump out around 115hp at the rear wheel, up 5bhp from standard. LSL supplied the pegs, levers and bars, with a front fender from Rizoma and valve covers from RSD.” And when Marcus needed a dash, he naturally chose the Motogadget Motoscope Pro. At the end of the process, the bike was popped onto the scales, 195kg was the result, down from the standard bikes 220kg, you can follow the guys on FacebookPhotos by Marcus Walz, and no I am not on commission, would I like one? well yes, but I would prefer a Norvin!

These Doughnuts,

look way too good to eat,

 and it is most probably not a good idea to eat them,

they are made from clay, glitter, paint and swarovski crystals, and re the work of South Korean ceramicist Jae Yong Kim, Kim chooses patterns and images that evoke a sense of pop culture both past and present, with several pieces imitating the style of famous painters such as the splattered marks of Jackson Pollack or concentric dots of Yayoi Kusama,these references, alongside their presentation as food, the faux desserts present a glossy perfection in their paint application, yet contain an irregularity in shape to trick the eye into believing they might be an edible treat, 

 “Without my intention, references to Pop Art have been a consistent occurrence throughout the entirety of the doughnut artworks,” said Kim in a statement,

 “Questioning myself regarding the donuts falling in line with a specific genre has brought questions and need for understanding. Each individual doughnut has invariably read to me as a small painting; color, pattern and physicality have been the ultimate procedure for my personal expression.”

Kim is a graduate of the Hartford Art School and Cranbrook Academy of Art, Kim splits his time between Korea and New York, and works form a studio in Jersey City, NJ. You can see more of his doughnut-based paintings on his Instagram, and take a look at previous ceramic works on his website, I still think they look good enough to eat!