Thursday, 27 July 2017

Only One Post Today,

as we are off early to immigration,   

 we started the day shopping and parked opposite the entrance to the Soi  Bukaow market,

 in the car park of Friendship,

 which as usual had plenty of parking for cars in it,

 on the way home we stopped off for a take away ice tea and coffee, Alex called round in the afternoon for a chat,

 then it was glad rags on,  

 and we were off in a Grab taxi,

 to The Bite on Third Road, it is just before the turning into Soi Lengkee 1, 

 we were joined this evening by Jim and Cher, there was a set Indian meal that Cher chose,

Jim decided on spaghetti and meat balls,

 a poppadom masala as a starter for Diana,

 for myself some onion bhajis for us to share,


 we also ordered some chicken samosa,

I have to admit I do not know what this is but it was a part of Cher's set menu,

 for Diana and myself, chicken tikka masala,

 chicken dopiaza,

 peas pulao rice, 

 and aloo gobi, 

 it was a feast,

the cook is the one from Country Favourites, the Indian takeaway we have ordered from so many times before, but by moving here there is a proper sit down restaurant, the restaurant itself was repainted inside last week, and we were told by Peter the owner that in the next few days pictures will be appearing on the walls to make the place even nicer, the food was excellent, the onion bhajis a real treat as they were exceptionally nice, after saying farewell to Jim and Cher we took a Grab taxi home, then it was feet up for a couple from Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes and we were then off to bed.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Day Did Not Start Out Well,

for Cable,

 it was shower time,

 and for a cat that likes water when he is walking in the pool, 

he does not like it when shampoo is involved,

Hogue who is nobody's fool hid in the back of the box, 

 but it is not his turn today, 


 took the high ground, Diana had decided to shampoo one cat a day, it was easier to tackle them one at a time when they are not expecting it,

 I then took the motorcycle in for a a new indicator light bulb, one had blown,

 and whilst there I had the motorcycle given a complete service, oil, plug and filter change, 360 baht later and I was on my way, 

 meanwhile Diana was pruning the jasmine bush, it still looks big but half of it has now been removed, we are hoping the drastic pruning will start it flowering,

 whilst at the front of the house we decided to crop the mini oranges, which we had not done for a couple of weeks, 

and decided to weigh them, amazingly 1.3 kilograms in total, although they are sour to the taste they make a fresh orange drink even tastier when added, 

after our evening meal we watched Alien Vs Predator, an enjoyable although unlikely romp in an under ice pyramid complex, and rounded the evening off with a selection from The Chase, Bargain Hunt and Tipping Point, and with that we were off to bed.

I Have Often Seen Videos,

of some one pointing a finger at a dog,

saying 'Bang' and the dog falls over as if shot, but a cat?

I Had Never Heard Of Roomba,

vacuum cleaners,

until now, it appears that the Roomba cleaner silently and with out direction cleans your room for you, they have been around since 2002 when they were first introduce, but since 2015 they have been silently working in other unforeseen ways, Your Roomba has been gathering information about your home, mapping out the shape and size of your rooms and the objects in them, this data could be more valuable to Roomba maker iRobot Corp than the sales of its vacuum cleaner, here are some ideas of how the data could be used, if a company like Amazon, for example, wanted to improve its Echo smart speaker, the Roomba’s mapping info could certainly help out, spatial mapping could improve audio performance by taking advantage of the room’s acoustics, do you have a large room that’s practically empty? Targeted furniture ads might be quite effective, the laser and camera sensors would paint a nice portrait for lighting needs that would factor into smart lights that adjust in real time, smart AC units could better control airflow, 

additional sensors added in the future would gather even more data from this live-in double agent, what is to stop voice recording and even pictures or video being recorded in the future? how would you know? and remember, all of iRobot’s Roombas use short-range infrared or laser sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, but this is the big one, in 2015 iRobot added a camera, new sensors and software to its flagship 900-series Roomba, so the camera is already there! Colin Angle, chief executive of Roomba maker iRobot Corp (IRBT.O), told Reuters that iRobot, which made Roomba compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in March, could reach a deal to sell its maps to one or more of the Big Three in the next couple of years, Amazon declined to comment, and Apple and Google did not respond to requests for comment,

and I thought the comic above was a joke!

How To Annoy All Of Your Friends,

and everyone travelling near you,

 in one easy lesson, go out and buy the Atari Speakerhat, I kind you not!, Atari’s latest creation is a hat with small speakers in it, allowing the wearer to blast their favourite music out loud instead of keeping it for their ears only, with earbuds or headphones, the hat has two small speakers on the underside of its brim, as well as a built-in microphones taking phone calls and voice commands, Bluetooth connectivity allows users to pair the Speakerhat with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and also makes possible the hat’s most annoying feature,

 if having to listen to someone’s with a Speakerhat sounds bad, you’re going to love “synchronous broadcast” a.k.a. “Multiplayer Mode”, which allows multiple Speakerhat users to simultaneously listen to the same song, the Speakerhat is powered by a concealed rechargeable lithium battery, and also features a universal control button and an LED indicator, the speakers seem very thin, and Atari claims that their new gadget “feels natural and normal to wear for long periods of time, and achieves a balance of weight versus sound quality and functionality.” the Speakerhat is not yet commercially available, but Atari is looking for 10 beta testers, so if you really want to annoy all your friends and upset every fellow passenger around you go ahead and register.

We Both Enjoy,


Game of Thrones immensely, and so it would appear do a lot of others, and as a tribute the Broadway Bakery, in Dubai, recently celebrated the new season of “Game of Thrones” by creating an incredibly detailed cake featuring everyone’s favourite imp, Tyrion Lannister, made primarily of sugar paste and fondant, the edible masterpiece stands four feet tall and weighs 70 pounds, making it large enough to feed a crowd of say 100 – 120 people,

all the edible swords that make up the Iron Throne had to be shaped and painted individually, before assembling the iconic chair, and Tyrion himself took even more work, the artists in charge of the project tried to get the tiniest details, down to his stubble and facial scars, all in all, it took “2 expert cake artists accompanied by a team of 18 talented chefs working over a period of three weeks” to finish the cake, the sugar paste and fondant were covered in 15 kg of the finest Belgian chocolate, and the gold goblet in Tyrion’s hand, as well as the artistic motif on his shirt were actually painted in 28 grams of edible gold, this raised the cost of the cake to 91,800 dirham (at today's rate £19,189 or $24,995),

 “This epic four-foot high cake is a majestic tribute to the legendary Tyrion Lannister – the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms,” the Dubai bakery wrote, the pictures do not really do justice to the effort that went into the making of this super cake, but this video gives a great insight as to the skill involved in making this masterpiece, but I would feel so bad about eating it!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Like Clockwork,

the bugmen,

 our should I say bug couple arrived, and today's visit was the yearly one, so 4,000 baht later we were de-bugged and will be every month for the next year,

 in the afternoon we made a move to the Central Festival,

we were going to the cinema to watch Dunkirk, in 4K, I guess to cater for the newer QLED televisions that are appearing on the market, we both enjoyed to film immensely, but as with all of this type of movie, the facts of what happened in Dunkirk are lost in droves, for instance the hospital ship sinking at the mole was the the SS Paris, but it was actuality bombed and sunk at sea, there was a hospital ship sunk at it's mooring a few hundred kilometres away, the Maid of Kent, in Dieppe, I guess someone could not remember where they were filming, and it gets worse

after the film on the spur of the moment we decided on our evening meal in the MK restaurant, 

in the Central Festival,

we both had a mushroom soup, Diana chose a dish of duck and noodles,

and we shared a large plate of pork and duck,

which was delicious,

there were not many in the restaurant,

after our meal,

we popped onto the observation section,

rain clouds were rolling in, as we made our way along Beach Road, the first spots of rain had arrived, Diana said that looking out to the islands they could not be seen through the rain, we arrived home just slightly wet, so feet up for some quiz shows, tonight Bargain Hunt was the menu for the evening, and we finished with two from Sherlock Holmes and with that we were off to bed.